Solutions Through Partnerships

Solutions Through Partnerships

2024 © Southern African Expo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.

2024 © Southern African Expo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.


MamaMagic - The Baby Expo

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South Africa



Nurturing the Magic of Family, Inspiring Parents To Grow.

Nurturing the Magic of Family, Inspiring Parents To Grow.

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Since 2015, Expo Solutions played a pivotal role in the construction of MamaMagic - The Baby Expo, across Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Entrusted with full turnkey project management, our expertise facilitated a seamless experience for exhibitors and attendees, and reinforced our position as a dynamic leader in event management for various industries, including the parenting and baby care industry.

Introduction to MamaMagic

MamaMagic – The Baby Expo was the largest parenting and baby event in South Africa, offering a comfortable environment for families to learn, explore and grow. It featured expert seminars, the latest products and services, show specials, entertainment and more, and had a proven track record of helping parents with baby needs and care.

The Challenge

Organisation of such an event presents unique challenges, including:

  1. Diverse Audience Engagement: Attracting and engaging a wide demographic spectrum, from expectant mothers to families with toddlers, each with nuanced needs.

  2. Market Differentiation: Standing out in the saturated market of parenting expos necessitates innovative strategies in event coordination and exhibitor engagement.

  3. Operational Excellence: Ensuring a successful event encompasses managing intricate logistics, coordinating with numerous exhibitors, suppliers and stakeholders; while delivering an engaging, educational and comfortable experience to attendees.

Our Journey with The Baby Expo

Role and Responsibilities

Our comprehensive service offering for MamaMagic included:

  • Exhibitor Solutions: We provided end-to-end support for exhibitors, from shell scheme package stands and custom stand designs to logistics, ensuring their individual business needs were met.

  • Venue Coordination: Our team managed floor planning, venue approvals, and setup requirements, ensuring optimal use of space and visitor flow.

  • Branding and Signage: We developed and implemented cohesive branding strategies across venues, enhancing event visibility and attendee navigation.

  • Infrastructure Management: From registration counters to the complete setup of the Baby City store, we ensured every aspect of the event infrastructure was meticulously planned and executed.

  • Operational Oversight: Regular operational meetings with our client ensured alignment on objectives, seamless communication, and the flexibility to adapt to real-time needs.

Project Management Excellence

Expo Solutions' methodical approach to project management was instrumental in addressing the challenges head-on, ensuring MamaMagic not only met but exceeded expectations. Our involvement in operational planning, logistical coordination, and stakeholder communication guaranteed the event's success from conception through to breakdown.

Scope of Solutions

The breadth of our services for MamaMagic - The Baby Expo was comprehensive:

  • Exhibitor Solutions: Tailoring exhibition stands to enhance brand visibility and product interaction for exhibitors.

  • Seamless Operational Flow: Managing the complexity of a three-day build-up and two-day breakdown across multiple cities and venues demonstrated our logistical prowess.

  • Attendee Experience: Ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for all attendees through efficient registration processes, accessible information, and engaging event layouts.


Expo Solutions' engagement with MamaMagic - The Baby Expo highlights our adaptability, creativity, and commitment to delivering high-quality event experiences. Our role in facilitating one of the premier events in the parenting and baby care industry showcases our expertise in comprehensive event management, from strategic planning to operational execution.

Sadly due to the intense constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic, MamaMagic – The Baby Expo was unable to continue operation.


We extend our heartfelt thanks to the organisers of MamaMagic, our exhibitors, service providers, and, most importantly, the families who attended. Your trust in Expo Solutions fuels our passion for excellence in the event management industry.

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