Solutions Through Partnerships

Solutions Through Partnerships

2024 © Southern African Expo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.

2024 © Southern African Expo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.


Africa's Travel Indaba

Durban, South Africa

Durban, South Africa



A Must-Visit Global Tourism Event

A Must-Visit Global Tourism Event

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For a decade, 2007 to 2017, Expo Solutions proudly served as the Official Service Provider for Africa's Travel Indaba, one of the largest and most influential tourism marketing events globally. Our journey with this prestigious event underscores our comprehensive capabilities in delivering turnkey solutions across project management, electrical reticulation, floorplan creation, and exhibitor services. This case study highlights our role in elevating Southern Africa's tourism offerings to a global audience, demonstrating our unmatched expertise in the industry. 

Event Overview

Africa's Travel Indaba, hosted annually in Durban, South Africa, is recognized as a leading platform for promoting the African tourism sector. The event draws attention to the diverse and rich travel destinations within Southern Africa, attracting a wide range of stakeholders including buyers, media, and exhibitors from around the world. 

The Challenge

Our engagement with Africa's Travel Indaba presented unique challenges, including the execution of a large-scale international event with multifaceted requirements. Our team was tasked with ensuring smooth project execution within tight deadlines, managing complex electrical installations, and fostering effective communication among a diverse group of international and local exhibitors, media representatives, and sponsors.

Our Journey with Indaba

Our Role and Responsibilities

As the Official Service Provider, Expo Solutions was entrusted with:

  • Turnkey Solutions: Managing the logistics from inception to completion, ensuring efficient build-up and breakdown within a tight timeframe.

  • Electrical Reticulation: Delivering reliable electrical infrastructure and technical support throughout the event.

  • Exhibitor and Media Management: Offering comprehensive Exhibitor Solutions from stand design to installation, alongside facilitating optimal conditions for media coverage.

  • Branding and Sponsorship: Crafting and executing extensive branding and sponsorship strategies to enhance the event's visibility and engagement.


Our ten-year tenure as the Official Service Provider is a testament to our success in facilitating the growth and international acclaim of Africa's Travel Indaba. Our contributions were instrumental in solidifying the event's status as an essential fixture on the global tourism calendar, driving significant business opportunities and celebrating the cultural heritage of Southern Africa. 


Expo Solutions' involvement with Africa's Travel Indaba is a hallmark of our dedication to delivering high-quality event solutions for the global tourism industry. While regulatory changes concluded our direct association post-2017, our legacy with the event remains a proud feature of our portfolio, showcasing our ability to manage events of considerable scale and significance. 


We extend our deepest appreciation to South African Tourism, Pure Grit Project and Exhibitions Management (Pty) Ltd, and all our partners. The enduring success of Africa's Travel Indaba is a reflection of our collective commitment to promoting the best of African tourism.

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