Solutions Through Partnerships

Solutions Through Partnerships

2024 © Southern African Expo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.

2024 © Southern African Expo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. All rights reserved.


Africa Investment Forum

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa



Unveiling Africa’s Investment Opportunities

Unveiling Africa’s Investment Opportunities

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Sandton Convention Centre

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Expo Solutions' role in the African Investment Forum (AIF) 2018 and 2019 in Johannesburg underscores our expertise in delivering, managing and executing world-class solutions. Our involvement demonstrates our capacity to deliver custom event solutions that cater to the specific needs of a diverse set of stakeholders, including heads of states and global investors, reinforcing our status as a dynamic leader in the event industry.

Introduction to the African Investment Forum

The AIF, hosted by the African Development Bank, is a landmark event in the African investment landscape, aiming to accelerate investment opportunities across the continent.

The forum, organised by the African Development Bank and its partners, is the largest multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary marketplace that aims to accelerate investment opportunities across the continent. The Forum brings together project sponsors, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, private investors, policy makers, private equity firms, and heads of government to advance Africa’s economic transformation agenda.

The inaugural edition of the AIF was held in Sandton, Johannesburg in November 2018. The theme of the forum was "All set for Africa’s first investment marketplace" and it focused on structuring deals, screening and enhancing projects, attracting co-investors, and facilitating transactions to unlock Africa’s multi-billion dollar investment opportunities.

  • AIF 2018 attracted 1,943 participants representing 87 countries and brought together 400 investors from 52 countries.

  • The inaugural Africa Investment Forum broke the mould for investment in Africa and secured investment interests for deals valued at $38.7 billion in less than 72 hours.

  • The forum featured a variety of exhibition spaces and sessions, including plenaries, workshops, and networking events, to facilitate discussions and partnerships between investors and project developers.

 The 2019 edition of the forum was again held in Sandton, Johannesburg with the theme of the forum was "Transactions, transactions, transactions. Deals, deals, deals!" 

  • The 2019 Forum saw 2 221 participants from 109 countries with 48 of those from the continent and 61 from outside Africa - including heads of state, government officials, business leaders, and investors.

  • The AIF 2019 was successful in securing $40 billion worth of deals with investment interest. This is a significant increase from the $38.7 billion worth of deals that were showcased at the 2018 forum.

  • The forum featured panel discussions and workshops on topics such as infrastructure investment, renewable energy, and the role of technology in driving economic growth in Africa.

The Challenge

Organising such a prestigious forum presents distinct challenges, requiring a nuanced approach to meet the high expectations of an international audience:

  1. Confidentiality and Acoustics: Creating spaces conducive to high-level discussions that required confidentiality and optimal acoustics.

  2. Aesthetic and Functional Requirements: Ensuring the event's infrastructure not only meet the functional needs of attendees but also align with the premium aesthetic standards of a world-class investment forum.

  3. Technical Reliability: Providing uninterrupted power supply and technical support throughout the event's duration.

Our Journey with The AIF

Role and Responsibilities

Our contributions to the AIF included:

  • Custom-Built Soundproof Board Rooms: Utilising acoustic panels, we constructed bespoke board rooms designed to ensure privacy and sound quality for discussions.

  • VIP Meeting Rooms: Developed to cater to the dignitaries and high-profile attendees, enhancing their forum experience.

  • Electrical Reticulation: We provided an extensive electrical setup with standby technicians to guarantee a seamless event flow.

  • Painting and Décor: Tailored to reflect the forum's premium branding and aesthetic, contributing to the overall ambiance of the event.

  • Bar Counters: Custom-built bar counters were designed to complement the hospitality experience, emphasizing the forum's sophistication.

Tailored Event Solutions

Our entrusted partnership with Publicis Live – an International Leading Events Organiser - ensured that each aspect of the forum's custom infrastructure was delivered to the highest standards. From the planning phase to execution, our team maintained a relentless focus on quality, functionality, and prestige. 

Scope of Services

Expo Solutions' solutions offering for the AIF demonstrates our versatility and commitment to creating environments that facilitate meaningful experiences, including high-level investment discussions and networking: 

  • Creative Design Solutions: Tailored to enhance participant engagement and ensure the event's visual appeal matched its strategic importance.

  • Logistical Efficiency: Managing the complexities of a tight setup and breakdown schedule across a significant venue footprint without compromising on quality or participant experience.

  • Attendee Experience: Focused on delivering a seamless and enriching experience for all participants, from entry to departure.


Expo Solutions' involvement in the African Investment Forums 2018 and 2019 highlights our ability to execute complex, high-profile projects with precision and creativity. Our role in these forums not only contributed to their success but also reinforced our reputation as a leading event infrastructure and service provider capable of facilitating platforms that drive investment and development in Africa. 


We extend our gratitude to the African Development Bank, their Africa Investment Forum partners, all participating dignitaries, investors, suppliers and stakeholders for their trust in Expo Solutions. Our involvement in the African Investment Forums demonstrates our capability to support events that have a lasting impact on the continent's investment landscape.

2 221

2 221




$40 billion

$40 billion

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